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A Gap in the Railings by John Lynch

published 2015, price £5


'This is one of those pamphlets you pick up innocently – just more poetry, after all – and then before you know it, one poem after another has brought tears to your eyes... There’s an innocence about it, as well as a kind of clarity. And when male tenderness appears in a poem, it’s bigger than its simple self.'

Helena Nelson, Sphinx Review

A Gap in the Railings

  • John Lynch was born and grew up in Ipswich. After leaving Kent University with a degree in History and Philosophy, he worked in London as a playleader for several years and then as a carpenter for several more. John has taught in primary schools in Suffolk since 1988 and has been a headteacher for the past sixteen years. He started writing poetry when his two daughters were very young and has enjoyed working with young writers in schools throughout his career.