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Let's keep in touch by Connie Bensley

published 2018

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There are poetry pamphlets that lift your heart and this is one of them. I’m not sure how Connie Bensley does what she does, but her poems make me notice things more carefully – more tenderly, if that doesn’t sound too strange.

Helena Nelson, Sphinx Review

Let's keep in touch

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  • Connie Bensley lives in Mortlake, in south-west London, and before retirement worked as a secretary, a copywriter and a bookshop assistant. Her most recent full collection is Finding a Leg to Stand On: New & Selected Poems (Bloodaxe, 2012). She writes: ‘I believe I have my father to thank for my interest in words. He used to go in for magazine competitions and once won eighteen guineas, which dumbfounded my mother.’

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